Your Guide To The Perfect Winter Weekend Getaway

Summer is basically over, but that’s no reason to get yourself down in the dumps. After all, Christmas is only around the corner. But if you can’t wait that long for a little extra cheer in your life, you could always take a weekend winter break.

With all the fast-paced action that’s about to come over the festive season, there has never been a better time to recharge your batteries. Besides, you could always visit the Christmas markets to stock up on a few special presents for your loved ones anyway.

The first thing that you need to decide before booking the trip is who you are going to travel with. A short weekend break will often mean cramming a lot into your days, so you may not wish to travel with friends that want to sit around the pool drinking. Besides, it’s winter anyway.

After this, you need to pick a destination for your weekend away. This is a wonderful opportunity to try destinations you wouldn’t usually consider. Time is of the essence, though, so you don’t want to travel too far. No holidaymaker wants to spend half of their weekend on planes, trains and buses.


The activities you partake in will naturally be dictated by your choice of location. However, the city you visit will have plenty to offer. Nevertheless, there is probably one standout attraction that is the main purpose of your visit. While spontaneity is a great thing on holiday, it’s imperative that your schedule accommodates this one main feature. You might never come back to this location, so it would be a huge shame to miss out on the main allure.

Whatever you do, you’ll want to have a prime location for your stay. Once again, it’s crucial that you squeeze as much into your short break as possible. Nonetheless, you’ll also want comfort during your trip. Short term holiday homes rentals are a fantastic option, and will tick both boxes emphatically. After waking up from a great night’s sleep, you’ll be eager to experience the city. Being closer to the main attractions will be a huge bonus.

Different people have varying preferences, but it is fair to assume you’ll be seeing all of the main tourist attractions. Or perhaps you’ve made the trip to see your favourite sports team or music artist. While we won’t give you any tips on how to spend your time, we will suggest taking in the local delicacies.

Food plays a crucial part in our lives. However, we tend to feel a little guilty about treating ourselves in everyday life. Thankfully, holidays are the perfect time to let your hair down. In winter, a great meal is like receiving a warm hug. The best dishes around Europe are bound to keep you satisfied.

Weekend breaks are always fantastic, but they can be especially fun at this time of year. Take the above steps, and there’s no reason that your next weekend away can’t be the best one ever. Enjoy.

Author: Katie

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