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I know it’s still summer but I’m already thinking about where I can go to get away from drizzly England when winter rolls around.

As much as I love a ski holiday, sometimes we just need some sunshine to get us through the darker months, y’know?

Here’s some advice on getting away from it all to find some winter sunshine.


This beautiful part of the world sees average daytime temperatures of around 26 degrees in October and 19 in November. Whether you’re looking for Jordan holiday packages all inclusive or a trip where you can explore yourself, it’s a great choice.

Make sure to do a tour of the local area and don’t limit yourself just to one resort. There’s so much to see in this stunning place. Take a look at these Exoticca tour packages to see what options you have.


With 27 degrees in October and 25 in November, this is a great choice for your winter sun holiday. Even January, which is the coldest month, gets highs of 20 degrees.

Bear in mind that winter is the rainy season so not every day will necessarily be bright and sunny.

Southern USA

I went to Texas a few years ago and I’m dying to go back in the winter. October sees average daytime highs of 27 degrees with November only dropping as far as 21 degrees. Texas gets around 10 days of rain during November so it’s likely you’ll see some sunny days during your trip. Whether you’re on a muscle car road trip or are staying put in one place, a little rain is a small price to pay for those lovely temperatures.


Fast cars, great shopping and wonderful sunshine. What more could you ask for? October might even be a little too warm at 29 degrees but things get more bearable into November and December at 25 and 21 degrees respectively.

It’s worth bringing a cardigan, though, as everywhere is air-conditioned so it can feel a little chilly.

No matter which of these winter sun destinations you choose, you’ll be rewarded with warn average temperatures and enough sunshine to keep the dark cloud of a British winter at bay.

What’s your favourite winter destination?

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