A trip to Automechanika with Turtle Wax and Rebecca Racer

It’s taken me a while to write about this trip because I’ve been struggling to come to terms with the fact that it’s over. There was something very special about being let into the Turtle Wax family for a few days, not to mention getting the chance to hang out with Rebecca Racer all over again!

When I first arrived in Frankfurt, I was instantly struck by how beautiful it was. It’s a very modern city with a few big skyscrapers popping up over the rest of the city’s buildings. I was eager to explore but the first plan of action was to explore the Automechanika show.


If you work in the motor trade then there will be something for you at this show. For car enthusiasts, it might be a little too trade-orientated unless you’re looking for performance and tuning ideas for your car(s), in which case, there’s plenty to see. I spent a lot of the show getting a mechanics lesson from Rebecca and I now feel better equipped to talk about cars and their inner workings.

That evening I got to properly meet the folks from Turtle Wax and it was the beginning of a real insight into how the company works, not to mention how they socialise!

Despite plenty of beer, the following morning I got up bright and early to explore Frankfurt at my leisure before Rebecca and I went for a second look around Automechanika.




It’s such an unusual city. I didn’t plan where I was going, I just walked and the sights I saw were just amazing. Such interesting architecture, plenty of places to eat and even little food markets popping up as I went.

I’m eager to get back to Frankfurt because there was so much I saw that I just didn’t get to experience. I am in the process of putting together a city guide that will give you more insight into my experiences in the city.

After walking six miles around the city, I wasn’t really up for more Automechanika so I cut that short and went back to my hotel to get ready for a very special Turtle Wax dinner.


The dinner was to celebrate the hard working staff in Europe and the network of distributors that sell the products. It was here that I learned so much more about a brand that’s a household name. I love the family spirit, the camaraderie and Turtle Wax’s love of motorsport. I may even have had a tear in my eye as they said goodbye to an employee who was retiring.

I’m a business woman and I write about business so I’m very aware of how¬†we’re so often bombarded with big, faceless corporations. It’s so refreshing to come across a brand that’s still passionate about what it does after more than 75 years, not to mention how they treat their staff, distributors and guests.

Find out more about Turtle Wax here.

Thank you to Turtle Wax and Rebecca Racer for having me along on this trip and letting me into your family!

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