Things You Should Know Before You Visit Italy

If Italy isn’t on your bucket list, you need to re-think your goals in life! This is a beautiful place to visit, and the hospitable people and delicious food make it even better. Read this post to find out a few things before you visit Italy, and then add it to your bucket list!

You’ll Probably Put on Weight

IMG_9572There’s a lot of food in Italy that you need to try, so just accept the fact that you’ll probably put on weight. There’s pasta, pizza, fries, meat, and plenty of other carb heavy dishes for you to indulge in. That’s not even including the desserts. The gelato (ice cream) over here is something else, so make sure you enjoy it and try not to worry!

You’ll Make a Lot of Friends Without Meaning to

The people in most parts of Italy are unbelievably friendly. I say most, because of course there are a few exceptions. However, you’ll probably make some friends without meaning to. If they speak English, you’ll probably find they want to test their skills on you. You should even try to learn a few basic Italian phrases to see you through your trip.

You’ll Probably See a Few Things You Don’t Want to See

Italians on the beach are a little exhibitionist. The men like to wear tiny speedos and the women don’t think anything of getting their tops off for the sun. As most Italians indulge in their delicious food and spend hours sizzling their skin in the sun, you can come across some unsightly things you won’t be able to ‘unsee’. If you’re uncomfortable with this, make sure you stay away from the nudist beaches.

You’ll Want to Take all of the Dogs Home With You

Italy has a lot of stray dogs on its streets. It’s awfully sad. Italians just don’t feel the same way about dogs as we do. Just bear in mind that you probably won’t be able to take them back to your Venere hotel. You could try giving them a bit of food or drink, but be careful as you don’t know if they have any diseases or fleas. Most of them are harmless, so don’t be afraid.

You’ll Need Cash

Italians don’t use cards all that much – they like cold hard cash. Whatever you’re buying, whether it’s an item of food or a piece of clothing, try to have the cash ready for it. They’ll look at you like you’re crazy if you ask to pay on card!

The Shops Close from 1pm-4pm

IMG_9543Shops open early and close late, but in between they shut from 1pm-4pm. Everything goes quiet. Italians like to go home and enjoy lunch with their families, maybe a nap. You should too!

OK, now you know these things you’re just about ready to visit Italy. Oh, I almost forgot; make sure you keep your valuables safe in a bag or zipped pocket. Some areas are prone to pickpockets, but don’t let that put you off!

Picture credits – Jess Shanahan


Author: Katie

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