The Most Amazing Destinations in the UK

When looking to go away, people in the UK usually look elsewhere. However, there are plenty of places in the UK that are perfectly suited to a nice break, whether you’re travelling as a couple or in a group. Take a look at the most amazing destinations in the UK to see what we mean!


York is one of the most picturesque places in the UK. It has a ton of history to sink your teeth into too, if you’re into that. 1900 years worth of history to be precise! There’s something for all kinds of explorers; museums, castles, and gardens to name just a few.

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Bath is another beautiful place in the UK; so beautiful you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. It’s known for its 18th century architecture and its natural hot springs. You can’t visit Bath without heading to a bath spa for a spot of relaxation! There are also lots of opportunities for afternoon tea. Theatre shows and museums are abundant here. If you want a beautiful, clean place; bath is for you!


London is the capital of the UK and has lots of tourists, so it makes sense that people would be put off visiting. However, London is so diverse. You can have your perfect day out here with just a little planning! Whether you love to learn, pub crawl, or trawl markets for goodies, you can do it here! There’s so much to see and do that every day can be different.


Torquay is one of the UK’s nicest beach towns. Some say it has a bit of a feel of the Med to it! It’s such a good place to relax and get back to nature. The scenery is so inspiring – Agatha Christie spent the majority of her life here, and film companies are located here too. If you need some inspiration, Torquay could be it.


The castles and green hills of Edinburgh make it a sight to behold, and then there’s all of that history to go along with it. If you like to eat and drink, Edinburgh is the place for you. You know what they say about Scottish residents liking a drink or two!


Liverpool is the UK’s city of culture. The Beatles were born here, and you can learn all about them on the Magical Mystery Tour. There are plenty of unique places to stop off for a bite to eat, and of course, vintage shopping. Check out sites like Joleany to find the best places. It might not be as ‘picturesque’ as some of the other places on the list, but there’s definitely something special about it.


There’s lots to do in Belfast, and it’s by no means a sleepy town. It’s a city full of energy with a ton of things to sink your teeth into. The food and the nightlife are exceptional too!

If you’re looking to explore the UK more, make sure you add these places to your list!

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