Sicily: The most romantic getaway in Europe

Want to plan a romantic European getaway with your special someone? As you may know, the most famously “romantic” places in Europe, like Paris, Venice, Rome, and London, are stuffed to the brim with tourists. They tend to be overly commercialized, meaning costs are high. Unless your idea of a romantic afternoon is standing in a sweaty line of backpacked tourists waiting to get inside St. Peter’s church or the Louvre, there is a great alternative: Sicily.

It is the southernmost region of the Italian peninsula and hasn’t been over marketed. This means you can find amazing villas in Sicily to rent online for affordable prices. Here are some of the best romantic towns to see in Sicily. The island is enchanting and you really can’t go wrong, but here are my personal suggestions for a secluded, romantic, and magical getaway:


Erice is a sleepy town perched on top of a hill above Trapani. Walk down the streets and you will feel immersed in the Middle Ages. The cobblestone streets, stunning views, spectacular sunsets and general atmosphere of relaxation will sure to have your hearts fluttering.


This little island off the southwestern coast of Sicily is actually closer to Africa than to it is to Italy. If you love pristine waters, secluded highways and breathtaking wilderness, this island is the place for you. And talking about romance, check out the Lake Venus while you’re there!


When you want an island for lovers, follow in the footsteps of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini and head to Stromboli. It is the furthest east island of the Aeolian chain, and it is a love bird’s haven. It is characterized by pristine and rugged landscapes where you can get away from all your problems in the real world. Who knows, you may never leave!


This is a cute little fishing town just about an hours drive away from Palermo. The streets are lined with medieval houses and the little alleyways are the perfect location for a romantic afternoon stroll. Don’t miss the 12th century cathedral in the central piazza. You will love the charming shops, delicious seafood cuisine, and the warm locals that will make you believe in the meaning of love.


Ragusa is a hilltown in the southernmost part of the island. It has a certain old-world charm and baroque elegance that is quite enchanting. You will feel like lovers from another century, perhaps a baronial couple getting to know each other in front of a stunning baroque church or a romantic hidden alleyway.


Magic is truly alive in little hilltop town in the south of Sicily. Lovers from all over the world flock here for the romance enticed by the Greek ruins, the charming alleyways, the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna towering over it all. Take your lover to the Greek Theater at sunset, bask in the stunning pink light as the Sicilian sun sets behind Etna, Europe’s largest volcano.


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