Road trip ideas for true adventurers

I love road trips. If I had the choice, the money and the car, every single one of my holidays would be spent exploring the world in this way. Here are a few road trip ideas to whet your appetite.

Great race tracks of Europe


Start at your nearest circuit. For me it would be Silverstone. Then, head down to Monaco. The street circuit is open to normal traffic and can be driven around pretty much as the F1 cars do (except a lot, lot slower). Spend sometime in the amazing city before heading  towards Monza in Italy.

Then it’s time to go North to the Nurburgring. (Via some nice mountainous Swiss roads.) Take your car round the track or hire a Ferrari and do it in style. While in Germany, you should find out how much joy an autobahn can bring you as a car lover.


Then onto Spa Francorchamps. Even if you can’t get to the track as it is today, you can drive on the old circuit. I’ve done it and those hilly mountain roads are a joy.

Depending on how much time you have, you could even include tracks slightly further afield such as Valencia, Hungaroring and the Red Bull ring in Austria.

The Alps

Mountains provide us with some of the most exciting roads to drive on. They can be treacherous but the views you get are spectacular. Any route through the Alps would make a great road trip.

The Upper Bavarian Alps are pretty special with Berchtesgaden Alps and its national park being particularly beautiful. The Berner Oberland and the Jungfrau region in Switzerland is also worth a visit for the beautiful architecture, glaciers and some amazing train rides up the mountains.

The Great Alpine Road runs from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean and it’s the perfect basis for this sort of trip. The route can be done in a week with around four hours driving each day but it’s best to take two weeks so you can spend longer in each stop.

The Rockies

There’s so much of the Rockies in the US and Canada that you can’t really see the whole area in one trip (although if you have the time, go right ahead, but you’ll need months). The best thing to do is to choose from one of the popular routes and then make a few changes depending on what you want to see.

Take a look at this Rocky Mountain vacation site for ideas.

North to South Italy


While this might not be a huge amount of miles, don’t let that deceive you. Give yourself around three weeks for this trip. You’ll be treated to narrow, winding roads, beautiful countryside and the chance to stop at some of Italy’s most famous places. I can wholly recommend Venice. Stop at Tronchetto then get the Vaporetto over to the city. It’s an amazing experience and a couple of days there will definitely be enough to make you want to go for a longer stay in the future.

UK to Sweden


It might not be the most exciting trip of a lifetime but I’ve done it and I can tell you it was an adventure. Partly, for me, the reason for that is because we were transporting two cats to their owner in Landskrona.

We went the quick and easy route on the way there and that included getting a ferry from Puttgarden in Germany to Rødby in Denmark. (Try carrying cat crates around a ferry, you get some weird looks.)


On the way back, though, we had an amazing experience driving on some wonderful roads. Sweden is amazing because it’s so quiet. The roads we drove on had very few cars on them; were surrounded by beautiful countryside; and were long and straight.

We got to cross a nice big bridge between Sweden and Denmark too. I’m not a fan of bridges but this one impressed even me.

Then we got to Germany. Wow, autobahns are as amazing as you’d imagine.

The Belgian roads were long, windy and hilly and this is where we drove on the old Spa Francorchamps track.

I’d love to hear some of your grand road trip ideas because there will be a part two of this feature in future.

Author: Jess

Writer, traveller, Norfolk gal.

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