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IMG_0644I didn’t travel too far on my latest adventure, just the 90 or so miles to Lincolnshire to spend a week at Team Bootcamp.

The thought of a fitness bootcamp is scary to some people but I’ve experienced it before so at least I knew what to expect, right? Wrong!

Team Bootcamp is so different to anything else out there. Different in a mind-blowing, amazing kind of a way.

The 3D Bootcamp concept

Most other bootcamps just focus on fitness and the weight you lose at the end of the week(s). This one is different. Fitness is a big part of it but it’s all about teaching you to ‘think, eat and move differently’. There are food workshops, meditation sessions, nutrition talks and the most beautiful surroundings to relax in.


As someone who emotionally eats and often binges on very, very bad food, this was so helpful to me. The first nutrition talk helped me to uncover things about my eating habits. I learnt about why I need to be in control and how I react to guilt. I can truly say that I’ve come away from bootcamp feeling focused on my journey for the first time in about a year. This is the most valuable part of the bootcamp experience – for me, at least.

There were also sessions designed to help us to relax. Rest is so important when you’re working towards a goal and stress can really hamper your efforts. Five minutes of meditation a day can really help to get you back on track.




Paleo Oreos

The Paleo diet is also know as the caveman diet. It’s all about eating things our bodies were designed to process back in the very early days of humans. That means you can’t eat anything that wasn’t available in caveman times. The historical accuracy of this diet is up for debate but that’s irrelevant, it works. This all means you’re mostly eating meat, vegetables and fruit.

You’re given enough food to complete your workouts and you don’t feel hungry. In fact it felt like we never stopped eating.

The food itself is delicious and we enjoyed things like carrot cake for breakfast, curry for lunch and pork chops for dinner. Not to mention snacks of fruit and nuts, granola bars and cabbage leaf wraps.


Fitness, obviously, is a big part of bootcamp but it’s not something to dread. Each session is varied and designed to push you to YOUR limits. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. We had Trainer Dave and he was brilliant. Harsh but fair and totally motivating.

We did things like tabata (interval training of 20 seconds full pelt then 10 seconds rest across various exercises), boxing, yoga, pilates, cross-fit-style circuits, bucket ball and team building games. Everything was fun. Hard, of course, but the sense of achievement at the end was amazing.

Also, knowing how hard you can work can really benefit you when it comes exercising when you get home. You’ll know what it’s like to be pushed to your limits and that will make you work your hardest at home.

Another thing that makes Team Bootcamp different is the concept of active recovery days. You’ll do one day of intense working out but the following day you get to recover. It’s not about lounging in front of the fire with the dogs but instead a long walk, some yoga and enforced rest. Or, as I like to call it, nap time. Once the day is over, you’re ready to go again the next morning.

Weigh in

I felt like I was coming away from this bootcamp with more than just weight loss. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the camp experience but I know everyone is interested in how I did.

In five days I lost 4.5lbs and an INSANE 4 inches off my waist. I lost pretty much everywhere else too. And the good thing is that it’s not water weight. I haven’t put it back on now I’m at home eating a more ‘normal’ diet.


Again, unlike other bootcamps, Team Bootcamp is different when it comes to sending you back out into the big wide world. I went away with a disc full of recipes, training plans and other motivational material. I feel so wonderfully prepared. Nothing is going to stop me getting stronger, faster and leaner.

The location

Set in the village of Heydour, not far from Grantham in Lincolnshire, Team Bootcamp is in the perfect location for the most relaxing fitness retreat I’ve ever been to. You probably don’t think these military bootcamps should be relaxing but this one was. I’m still feeling the glorious after effects too.


We walked up and down beautiful, quiet lanes; watched birds of prey circling; ran around a lake with some sheep; and were treated to some amazing sunsets.


Whether you fancy a challenge, some time away or a boost to your weight loss, I can recommend Team Bootcamp. I fully intend to go back myself.

It’s a special place run by wonderful people. It’s made me feel fit, in control and fully supported in my self-improvement journey.

Take a look at the Team Bootcamp website for more information on what they do and what they can offer you.


Author: Jess

Writer, traveller, Norfolk gal.

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  1. Well done for completing this tough challenge Jess and a great review. Thank you.

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