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Travelling through Asia is certainly something everyone should do at least once in their lives. There are so many different countries and cultures to explore, a wide variety of cuisine, and some of the most incredible landscapes on the planet. It is so nice that even though we are all living in the global village, there are places on Earth that can be so beautiful and different to what we have at home. As keen travellers, Asia should definitely be on your list to visit this year, so take some time to explore one or two of the countries in this extraordinary part of the world.

South East Asia is home to several countries, and Vietnam is the one on the East side of the Indochina Peninsula. With so much coastline, you can see why Vietnam would be a popular holiday destination. A lot of freshwater fish like crab forms part of the cuisine and flavours are often spicy. Vietnam is a Socialist Republic but has seen many political upheavals in its history. In living memory, the Vietnam War that saw the United States of America send troops into the country for several years has been the topic of many big Hollywood films.

Nowadays, Vietnam is thriving. The population is estimated to be reaching one hundred million, and the tourist trade has never been busier. Economically speaking, Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This is making the area more and more popular, and holidays here are catering for the wealthy as well as the wandering traveller. There are many beautiful sites to see in both North and South Vietnam. The climates are variable across all the regions, but you can usually enjoy good weather in Hoi An between February and August.


To enjoy a stay near the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Hoi An offers some beautiful luxury accommodation. You can find a Hoi An hotel that utilises feng shui philosophies and make this trip one of quiet relaxation and rebalancing.  Hoi An is near to the Tu Duc royal tombs of Hue, which are incredibly grand and an incredible site to see. My Son and Hue are both well known for their glorious Buddhist pagodas and historic citadels, so this region is definitely one to visit if you are in Vietnam.

There are approximately 2000 miles of coastline to enjoy throughout Vietnam. But each small area is so different from the next. The weather can be very changeable over just a few miles, and the local dishes and delicacies also enjoy differing paces in flavouring. The Northern areas tend not to be as spicy as the most Southerly. With so much to see and do in Vietnam, you would be forgiven for not venturing into the other neighbouring countries in this part of Asia. Once you have sampled Vietnam, you will no doubt be going back again and again to see what else this beautiful part of the world can offer you. Enjoy your adventures, and make Vietnam your next destination.

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