Off The Tourist Trail in the UK

As a tourist in England, you are bound to visit the usual landmarks that others flock to each year. But, as with any country, there are scores of interesting places to visit that are outside of the typical tourist traps.

If you’ve got a few days off from work, for example, you might be wondering what to do with your time. Sure, there are plenty of cheap European destinations that you could visit. However, there are plenty of hidden gems within your own doorstep!

In today’s blog post, I will share with you some places to check out here in merry old England:

Birmingham Back to Backs (Birmingham, West Midlands)

Run by the National Trust, you can take a glimpse into ordinary life back in the 19th century by visiting the “back to backs.” In case you wondered, these are a set of houses literally built back to back inside a communal courtyard.

The guided tours give you a fascinating insight of life from the 1840s to the 1970s in the UK’s “second city.”

Dudley Canal (Dudley, West Midlands)

Situated a few miles outside of Birmingham is the Dudley Canal. Back in the days of the industrial revolution, the canal was an important part of industry and commerce. It’s possible to go on tours of the canal by boat without pre-booking.

Many people go on a canal trip after visiting the nearby Black Country Living Museum (also worth visiting if you’re in the area).

Lakeland Segways (Lake District, Cumbria)

Most people like exploring the medieval village of Cartmel by foot. But now there’s a fun new way to enjoy the area – on a Segway!

For those of you that don’t know, Segways are two-wheeled “personal transporters.” You stand on a platform, and the transporter does the rest!

Lake District Helicopter Tour (Lake District, Cumbria)

Do you want to experience the breathtaking views that the Lake District has to offer? If so, you should consider going on some amazing helicopter tours in the area! You can travel with up to four other people in a helicopter, and such tours are actually pretty affordable!

The Lake District is quite a large area, and so you’ll get a better understanding of that fact when you look at it a few thousand feet up in the air.

Hot Air Balloon Flight (Bristol, Avon)

Sticking with airborne experiences, head down south to Bristol. You could spend a memorable summer’s day surveying the land in a hot air balloon!

If you’re looking for a romantic idea, going up in a hot air balloon is perhaps one of the best of them. Of course, it’s not just couples that enjoy them. Individuals, families and groups of friends also love to take to the skies in them.

As you can see, these are just a few random ideas for enjoying what England has to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you head towards the Forest of Dean or the Yorkshire Dales. There is something for everyone within just a few miles from where you live!

Author: Jess

Writer, traveller, Norfolk gal.

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