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If you are thinking of applying for a Visa for the United States of America this year, you certainly won’t regret it. You can see so much of this great nation in just a few short weeks, so maximise your stay and travel around a bit. If you are travelling there from the UK, you will definitely need to do a bit of planning to qualify for a Visa. They may ask you for some addresses of where you will be staying and the purpose of your visit. So sit back and let us give you some of the best things to see and do if you choose to travel through America:

From Blighty, New York is probably the best city to start in as it is closer than starting on the other side. Shorter flights mean your holiday can start that much quicker. New York is an incredible place to visit, and there are some must-see tourist hot spots to check out here. Start with Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Lots to learn about the history of the US here, but also a great way to see the amazing skyline of the city. Hire a car for a road trip, take a train or even fly to your next city of interest. If you have a return flight booked out of New York, then why not book one of the private jets that can take you where you want to go? Then you can start driving your way back to New York.

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Hopping on a private jet is a great way to travel if you have a good distance to go. You can travel in style, and even enjoy a little luxury on the way. It is a great way to get around quickly when you are on a limited time Visa so you can really make the most of your time in America. Road trips are very popular in the States. You can hire an old convertible, or even a luxury sports car with air conditioning. Decide how you want to travel from state to state and book early. Don’t forget to make sure your UK licence will be adequate for each hire company you choose.

Other states that are definitely worth spending some time in include California for Hollywood and San Francisco, Montana for the incredible landscapes and scenery, and Florida for the amazing beaches and great weather. Each of these could easily fill your entire time in the country, but select a few key sights or activities that you want to do on your holiday. Remember, it is over three thousand miles from coast to coast, so just covering the ground is going to take some time.

Whatever you choose to do on your holiday, America is a great place to visit. The United States offers so much in every state that it can be difficult to choose what you want to do. Make a list of places that you absolutely must see, and plan your trip around that. Book accommodation and travel in advance, then enjoy packing for the holiday of a lifetime!


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