How To Enjoy A Fantastic Summer Holiday Within The Budget


Summer is the perfect time for traveling with friends or family! The weather is perfect and regardless of the fact that you choose to go on a beach or a mountain side holiday, the outcome should be the same: relaxation and good times.

However, many couples or families choose to either stay home during summer or simply go on short trips around the city. This usually happens because most of us worry about the budget. While traveling sounds a lot of fun, when you take into consideration all the expenses, your mood will definitely change. According to studies, summer holidays can be pretty expensive and this cuts off the initial enthusiasm.

So, if you want to go on holiday this summer but your budget doesn’t quite allow it, don’t despair. There is still hope! We put together a short list with the most amazing locations in the world that are best suited for people on a budget. The best part is that these locations are more suited for people looking to relax and have fun as they are not so popular amongst tourists. This way, you’ll have space to breathe and you’ll get to see some exotic new places that will definitely look great on your social media wall.

Choose wisely



Before we start our tour of great summer holiday locations for people on a budget, we must warn you. There are great locations and there are others not so great.

Before you choose, make sure to read other tourists’ opinion about the location and talk with your travel agent about accommodation and prices. One way to learn more about destinations that are both affordable and great to visit is to follow the most popular travel bloggers. To give you head start, you can check here what are the favorite summer destinations of travel bloggers who are actually travelling for a living.

Exotic holidays on a budget


Now it’s time to start talking about these great locations that will help you charge the batteries without breaking the bank.

Northern Italy


Honestly, when it comes to culture, food, and romance, there is no other place like Italy. In the North side, you can visit one of the most renowned cities of the Renaissance – Milan. Even though it might sound expensive, you can find lots of accommodation possibilities with the locals who are open to offering a room to tourists. The prices can start from $75 per night, but if you have friends, it may cost you nothing.

The best part is that in summer most Italian people leave for their own holidays so the city is not that crowded. You will meet with other tourists, but the terraces and the coffee shops won’t be as full.

Among the most important things to visit in Milan are the Duomo – a fantastic church known for its architecture and splendid paintings. Also, if you feel like visiting the surroundings, we recommend Lake Como, Bellagio, Brunate, or Gravedona.

Of course, Milan and the surroundings have a lot more to offer, but these you will discover yourself in your amazing Italian adventure.

The Great Barrier Reef


If you are not looking for romance and calm, the Great Barrier Reef is the exact opposite of that. Besides being a fantastically beautiful place, you will have the possibility to get up close with a wide variety of marine animals while performing some of the most amazing aquatic summer activities. These include snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and other crazy stuff.

Once you get bored with the water fun, you can always relax on amazing beaches that go all around the shore. If you want to visit, the closest city is called Cairns and you can find great accommodation possibilities starting around $70 a night.

Antalya, Turkey


If you really want an exotic holiday, Turkey is one of the most amazing places to visit. Extrapolating from that, Antalya, the capital is even more amazing. However, you should be prepared for really hot weather as temperatures here tend to go pretty high.

Antalya is a city of two very different cultures and you’ll find both oriental and European influences in both architecture and local food and traditions. The old quarter, called Kaleiçi is one of the first areas of Antalya you should visit as here you’ll see mosques, the famous Ottoman clock tower, and many other architectural wonders.

If the streets seem too narrow and the city is too crowded or hot, you can always make a turn and head for the beach. There are public means of transportation to get there, but you can always take a cab if you feel like it.  

If none of these locations present interest, you can always try a summer of city breaks. It’s not ideal to fragment your summer holiday, but you’ll get to see and learn a lot about new cultures and locations.


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