Five summer sports you must try this year

With the weather heating up in summer, there’s no better way to cooling off than heading to the closest beach or pool. Summer’s arrival is marked by huge sighs of relief as people can now take out their summer clothes and have fun in the sun.

Summer also marks the arrival of plenty of exciting sports to help you burn fat and inject some thrill in sports lovers. In fact, this season is the best for people who are into outdoor sports since the weather allows them to try out some new things that get the adrenaline rushing.

Nevertheless, if you are bored with lounging on the beach as if you’re in Hawaii, it is time you tried something that keeps your body lean fit. Spending the afternoon at the swimming pool (if you’re not near a beach) sounds like a great idea, but the ideal weather opens up a world of fitness possibilities.

Without much delay, dive into these top five outdoor sports activities you should try out this year. It pays to prepare early while deciding what to do this summer season when it comes to sporting activities!


Swimming is one of the most invigorating outdoor sports that you could ever indulge in anywhere during summer, even if you are participating in an activity holiday(s) in Greece! Recreational swimming is a great activity for people of all ages that provides with a low-impact workout that leaves you feeling relaxed and feeling good about yourself.

Getting started in swimming is as easy as purchasing a pair of swimmers, goggles, and investing in a few lessons if you’re just learning. Apart from the beach, you can also swim at many aquatic centres and public pools, if you don’t have one, for a few dollars.

Swimming requires you to move your entire body against the water’s resistance. In addition, it helps in:

  • Keeping your heart rate up while reducing the impact of stress on your body
  • Building muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight, and healthy lungs and heart
  • Toning muscles and building physical strength
  • Providing an all-over body workout that involves all the muscles of the body

Beach Volleyball

Spending time on a beach might sound boring, but when you actually get there and spend some time, you’ll realize that there’s nothing better in the world. You can shake things up by playing beach volleyball with a few friends.

Beach volleyball is a great way to take advantage of beautiful beaches and get a serious workout at the same time. Since you’ll be moving through the sand, this sport is a great calorie burner too – 272 calories every 30 minutes!

An average match tones your core, thighs and calves, lower back, and glutes in a low-impact manner. Beach volleyball also helps tone muscles in your upper body. Fortunately, the results are not only physical; the game also helps improve your hand-eye coordination and mental agility.

Injuries from playing beach volleyball are rare. In fact, individuals recovering from injury are encouraged to take up the game to maintain fitness levels and aid in recovery!

Other benefits of beach volleyball include:

  • Improved social skills since you are playing with a group of people
  • Teaches responsibility, especially when playing doubles and you only touch the ball when it comes to your side of the court
  • The sand provides you with a soft landing when you fall, so you can enjoy the game longer


If you are not fully in for the idea of going for a swim in summer, there’s still an alternative, yet exciting sport for you – kayaking. If you have no clue what this is, this is perhaps the best time to brush up on your knowledge of this amazing water sport.

Kayaking involves paddling a small craft through the water. The kayak is a small enclosed vessel in which you sit inside with legs extended while using a double-bladed paddle to make your way across the water.

In most cases, the water vessel is designed to fit the requirements of the intended kayaking environment. For instance, a kayak for flatwater recreation is different from that used for the sea.

Kayaking is generally a low-impact activity that helps improve your flexibility, strength and fitness levels. Other health benefits include:

  • An improved cardiovascular fitness level
  • Increased back, arms, shoulders, and chest muscle strength, thanks to moving the paddle
  • Increased leg and torso strength due to applying pressure with legs and rotating your torso
  • Reduced wear and tear on tissue muscles and joints

Best of all, kayaking is a highly recommended summer activity for relieving high stress levels. Everything about this water sport is relaxing and enjoyable. From the feeling of floating on water to enjoying great views, while a cold breeze blows against the face.

Whitewater rafting

The list of water outdoor sports for summer seems virtually endless. In fact, you can create your own water sport with just two ingredients; safety and thrill.

Whitewater rafting is an exciting sport that’s perfect for the summer season and people all over the world take time off to enjoy it. Well, they are doing the right thing since summer is all about beating the heat and having fun at the same time!

Whitewater rafting is particularly popular because the river’s flow introduces different sensations in the participants’ bodies. People know it’s fun, but at the same time, it offers an adrenaline rush due to the river’s swift flow.

Overall, you should try rafting for various reasons, including:

  • You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the river
  • The rush from the rapids is, for lack of a better word, exhilarating!
  • Paddling works on your triceps, biceps, abs, deltoids and many other core muscles
  • It’s a great way to meet people because some rafts can accommodate five to seven people
  • Rafting is the perfect bonding opportunity since it involves teamwork
  • Participants get to replenish their bodies’ vitamin D supply on a sunny day
  • The river water is refreshingly natural


While you may be familiar with skateboarding, a similar sport that can be considered as a skateboarding subculture is called longboarding. The sport is one of the trending summer sports in the society and one of the most famous adventure sports.

The sport involves riding a longboard, which is the skateboard version of a snowboard or surfboard. You can use the longboard for racing, transportation, cruising, and stunts.

Longboarding is particularly popular because it keeps participants engaged and motivated, a key ingredient for attaining long-term success in any fitness regimen. In fact, you are more likely to stick with it once you start!

Longboarding involves using various styles like dancing, tricks, sliding and carving. Each style has a healthy effect on different parts of your body; however, the commonest benefits are:

  • Increased muscle fitness
  • Better sleep
  • A better cardio workout
  • Decreasing cholesterol levels
  • A pollution free transportation mode
  • Refreshment of the mind

Summertime is not only about idling for days on end with extended rest periods. It’s also an opportunity to catch up on some physical activity. The recreational sports and exercises above are the best way of boosting your endorphins and giving you that critical feel-good factor – not to mention, great ways to reach your fitness objectives this year!

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