Best Routes for Sydney on Foot

When you travel abroad and stay in a new town or city, you will most probably want to visit the most important attractions in that particular area. No matter if you are on a business trip or traveling for joy, looking around the city is always interesting. Travels usually reveal something new; something that we did not know about that part of the world. But there are different ways how to explore the area you have just arrived in.

Most people are offered a local guide to show them around the place. However, while it could be a practical solution for the first day, it is also very wise to go around by yourself or your partner and get to know the place your own way. And one of the best means of transportation for that purpose is your feet. Long walks in a new city are also very romantic. Let’s see what you can spot in Sydney if you decide to go for a walking tour.

Sydney – a city of walkers

Bondi to Coogee

If you like being introduced to a new city from the street, rather than from a bus or a car, then Sydney is the right place for you. This town offers a wide range of theme walks and it has numerous events that celebrate the concept of walking to make people realize how important walking is for health. Nine years in a row Sydney has been a host to a unique Seven Bridges Walk, which has both the health-improving and the fund-raising effect, which make many Sydneysiders talk part in this great competition. So, if in Sydney when this event is due, go and participate in this walk.

Tourist walks

However, staying in Sydney for a few days will be enough only for basic Sydney walks. If you are not from Australia, or even better, if you come from a landlocked country, the first and must-walk route is from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. This route is 6 km (3.7 mi) long and the greatest thing is that you walk 6 km along the Pacific Ocean and you will also come across some beautiful beaches, such as Bronte and Mackenzie’s Point Beach, and observation points, like the one above Bronte Beach. This observation point above Bronte Beach is a fabulous spot for making breath-taking photos.

Famous sites

Opera House

Apart from this coastline walk, you have to try the mainstream city walk. This tour comprises the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Harbor and the Sydney Opera House. It is so great that tourists can actually climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, but only with licensed guides and in set periods of time.

In this part of the city, you should also see the Rocks, which is the historical center of Sydney. It is situated in the southern part of the harbor. From here, you can walk easily to the Circular Quay, as well.

For tourists who want to see the parts of Sydney that are not too often shown too tourists, you should go to the southern districts. For those with tight budgets, it is a smart move to try to get Randwick accommodation offers and save some money. This part is more affordable than the core of the city. Although you will have to take the tube to get to the center, the center still has numerous walk routes.

Also, Sydney is not only the ocean and the beautiful historical sites and buildings. It is a propulsive economic hub and the new business district of Sydney should be paid a visit, as well.

Sydney has a special culture of living. As a matter of fact the whole country of Australia is incredibly living-friendly and it offers so many interesting things to do and see. Walking is just one of the magnificent cults of healthy living that Australians respect and cherish. So, when in Australia, walk as the Aussies do.

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