Adventures Close To Home! The Best of the UK

Hello adventurers! Usually, I treat you to tales of far off travels like Africa, Amsterdam, and Asia. But today, we’re going to keep things a little closer to home. I certainly have wanderlust in my blood, and I love getting on a plane to a new country. But, I think we’re all guilty of overlooking the beauty of our own island. The wonderful rolling valleys of Scotland and the Lake District. The vibrant, buzzing cities, and the stunning beaches.

We live on a lovely little island, so let’s go exploring! Here are my top five destinations to explore without leaving the country.



My regular readers know that I’ve lived my whole life in Norfolk, so I’m used to my country comforts! However, I do love traveling into the heart of London, and getting lost in the buzz and culture. Our capital city is one of the most fascinating cities on the planet. It’s certainly one of the most rich in terms of culture. With more museums and art galleries than I can count, you’re spoilt for choice. And, of course, there are all the tourist attractions to enjoy!


There aren’t many places in the UK (or the world) where you can have as much fun as Blackpool. The coastal town has fun in its heart, and the bright lights will always bring a smile to my face. It’s perfect for a long weekend by the seaside with friends. With bespoke Blackpool packages, you can get your entire trip included in one price. It’s time to hit Pleasure Beach and take a donkey ride guys!

The Lake District

The Lake District is arguably one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. And it’s right on our doorstep. With towering mountains, rolling valleys, and stunning lakes, what else could you ask for? It’s great for wanderers and adventure junkies alike. You can go hiking, rock climbing, or fell running, for example. Or, you could relax in one of the quaint teashops in the beautiful villages.

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So far, my little tour of the UK has focused on England. But, it’s time to go north of the border. The Scottish highlands give the The Lake District a run for its money! It’s well worth heading north of Edinburgh for a taste of rural Scotland. For now, we’re staying in the historical capital. Edinburgh castle is a truly stunning sight, as are cobbled streets leading up to it. The city itself has a unique buzz about the place, and you can’t help but love the sound of bagpipes on every corner!


I’ll end our tour back down south, in the beautiful peninsula of Cornwall. It’s almost like stepping back in time when you cross from Devon into Cornwall. The quaint villages and friendly faces are a welcome change to the big cities. As for the beaches, they’re the best in the country (especially if you’re a surfer!)

Thanks for coming with me on our mini adventure! Where would you go first travellers?

Author: Katie

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