5 Outdoor Adventure Holidays to Pick From in 2019 


Hiking, cycling, sailing, climbing and many other adventure holidays are there for you to level up your adrenaline while enjoying your time off. There are so many different destinations and activities to choose from and new and exciting trips are being developed and introduced year after year. These can be extravagant holidays or budget trips depending on your needs. Whether you are travelling as a family, as an individual, couple or part of a group an adventure holiday is waiting for you.

You might not know where to start. Especially if you want a complicated itinerary or you are travelling as a family. Well, there are plenty of adventure holidays to choose from, but to give you a helping hand here we answer your question. What are the most trending adventures for the next year?

Trekking in Nepal and Bhutan


If you enjoy trekking, then there is nowhere much more magical to explore than Nepal and Bhutan. Combine sightseeing with trekking for the ultimate experience. Top things to do here include hiking up to the cliff face to Taktsang Monastery in Paro Valley. Take in the views over the Annapurnas after climbing to Sarangkot above Pokhara. And enjoying the Hindi temples in Kathmandu, meeting the interesting holy men in Pashupatinath.

If you time your trip right, you can also witness some amazing festivals in this part of the world. These include Thimphu Drubchen which is a festival of sacred masked dance honouring Bhutan’s deity Palden Lhamo. In both Nepal and Bhutan, you will never forget the fantastic atmosphere, beautiful temples and friendly people. Definitely one to consider for your outdoor adventure holiday in 2019. October and November are the best months to visit for perfect trekking and sightseeing weather.

Discover the south of Albania


This country is a hidden gem in Europe and undiscovered by many tourists. However, the word is getting out and discovering Albania is a top pick for an adventure holiday in 2019. In the south you’ll find the Albanian Riviera a beautiful area of rugged coastline and sparkling seas. Berat is an amazing example of an old Ottoman town in the region. Steeped in history, this is where most visitors start their journey.

Adventurous things to do include sailing out to the remote island Sazan, which was once a secret military base. Hiking in the Cika Mountains and the beautiful national park of Llogara, and of course exploring the UNESCO site of Butrint. You can also join a cycling tour and see the areas by bike. Once you have had your fill of walking, climbing, cycling and sailing you can enjoy some time at one of the many sandy beaches on the coast. Visit between April and August for the best weather, although July and August tend to be the busiest months.

Attend a bush school in Namibia


For an unforgettable and unique family holiday look no further than the sandy desert country of Namibia. Learn about the local wildlife, understanding how to spot the most elusive creatures and observing lions, zebra and elephants at Etosha National Park. You can spend the night camping with a tour group in the desert and witness the sights and sounds of the area after dark. Watching the sunset and sunrise out in the desert is an experience you will never forget. It might sound like a scary setting but the experience is worth it none the less.

For a change of pace, you can also kayak off the coast and spot local wildlife including seals and dolphins in Walvis Bay. Learning about the natural environment and conservation is a big part of this trip. You can visit the Cheetah Project to learn about wildlife conservation and education and meet with local tribes to find out more about their life here. Overall you will have a fun and educational trip in this amazing country. For visiting Etosha and seeing the most wildlife it is advised to book between June and October.

Enjoy a family adventure in Cappadocia


You may have seen the photographs of the hot air balloons flying high over this spectacular place. You can enjoy seeing the area by balloon but there is so much more to do in Cappadocia. Explore the fairy chimneys, tunnels and cave dwellings found within the beautiful Taurus Mountains. Stop for tea with local shepherds and discover the underground city of Derinkuyu. Or try your hand at making ceramics at the local potters and a traditional potter’s wheel.

For those who love to hike, there are plenty of trails within the Güllüdere or Rose Valley. They are quite accessible and offer amazing views across the landscape. If you are feeling adventurous you can even camp with the nomads to get a real feel of what life is like in these mountains. Then to relax, visit to a Turkish bath and enjoy all of the luxuries that go with it. For sightseeing and activities, the best time of year to visit is between April and May then September and October. This is when the weather is more amenable and not too hot to explore.

Explore the African wildlife on safari in Tanzania

Take your family on an adventure holiday they will never forget on Safari in Tanzania. Visit Arusha National Park where you can walk with the ranger amongst the giraffes, zebras and black and white colobus monkeys. Search for the elusive big five including rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo and elephant in the Ngorongoro Crater. Seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is an amazing, maybe once in a lifetime experience. A safari is a must do when visiting Africa.

Whilst you are here you may even have the chance to try Tinga Tinga painting. A great activity especially for the children, and an excellent insight into the local artform. After all the exploring and adventuring you should relax and enjoy the sandy beaches of Zanzibar. The island is just a short ride from the mainland, where you can soak up the sun and enjoy swimming in the surrounding waters. The best time to visit is during the dry season from June to October, and for wildebeest migration it is June and July.

Top holiday types

When you think about adventure holidays, it might conjure up thoughts of extreme sports or daring or dangerous activities. Whilst that may be true, there are lots of other types of holidays that can be called an adventure. From exploring new places, trying a new activity to tasting new foods and meeting new people. Getting out into the world by walking, climbing, cycling sailing or driving are all parts of the journey to discovery.  There are many different ideas of adventures, what is yours?

Which outdoor adventure holiday will you be choosing for 2019?

All of those holidays mentioned above do sound fantastic and there is so much choice when it comes to where to go and what activities to try. There are adventures to be had all over the world but where will you choose to spend your outdoor adventure holiday in 2019?


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