The perfect 48 hours in Ibiza

Years ago I went to the resort side of Ibiza. I was way too young to enjoy the bright lights and loud music back then but now I know I’d be in my element.

Day 1

My 48 hours in Ibiza would start with the customary explore. I love to get to know a place on foot. I’ll take little side streets, pop into cafes and take in some local sights. This is the best way to get to know a place and one of the main reasons I think I now know Amsterdam so well.

There’s so much more to Ibiza than clubs. There are fantastic people, gorgeous food and so much more. Before I exhaust myself with a dance, I’d need to get the know the local area inside out.

I’d then take some time to relax. Ibiza has plenty of beautiful cocktail bars to choose from, and I’d opt for somewhere with a roof terrace where I could absorb some sunshine and drink something¬†citrusy and sour – preferably containing whiskey.


I’d then get dressed up, put on my dancing shoes and would head to one of the Ibiza Rocks bars for some well-needed food. Then it’s time for moving from bar to bar to drink more cocktails and dance. It’ be a waste to visit the island without dipping my toes into somewhere loud with lasers and flashing lights.

I’ll be needing some neon…

I like to party hard so you probably won’t find me off the dancefloor until around 4am – maybe later.

Day 2

This would be a day of relaxation. Sitting by a pool – or the beach, topping up my tan and perhaps reading a book. Not what you’d expect from an Ibiza trip but it’s the perfect way to recover. I’d perhaps get some writing done too.


Once feeling more human I’d head out for another explore. I’d flit from cafe, to bar, to shop. If I happen to stumble across somewhere that offers watersports, I’m not going to say no.

That evening I’d go a little easier, spending time in exciting, quirky bars. I like to find places that are off the beaten path and this is the ¬†perfect chance to do this. It’s fun to find the places locals frequent to get a real feel for the place, rather than simply to be surrounded by other tourists.

Throughout all this, I’d be armed with a camera ready for outfits of the day (for Feeling Stylish), travel content for this fair blog and all the little bits in between for the other blogs and websites I run!

Ibiza is beautiful, and on top of all the things to do, it’s the perfect place for taking striking photos. Something that always brings me great joy.

(This is actually an entry into Swim365’s competition to win a trip to Ibiza. So you never know, you might be seeing pretty Ibiza pictures popping up very soon.)

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Author: Jess

Writer, traveller, Norfolk gal.

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