10 best and worst things about Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur manages to capture and fuse three magnificent cultures and translate them into something breathtaking! As if that is not enough, there seems to be everything for everyone; yes, the city has something uniquely tailored just for you too. But then again, all that shines is not gold, so here is my list of top 10 best and worst things about Kuala Lumpur.

Never ending sunny days

Admit it, there is something surprisingly energizing about warm weather – the perfect excuse to have a Popsicle every single day and if popsicles don’t entice you a dip in the pool at any time of the day has got to do the trick. Even more exciting is the fact that you are certain of an all year ‘round tan, just be sure to wear sunscreen.

Food galore!

Kuala Lumpur is a food haven! Night owls can satisfy those annoying 5 am hunger pangs and not with ordinary McDonalds; no, you can be sure to find a decent local delight at any corner of any street – from Nasi Lemak to Burgers, the list is endless.

Everyone loves to shop

Kuala Lumpur shopping malls have their own personality – go to Pavilion, KLCC or The Gardens if luxury is what you are after; whereas Sunway Pyramid and Midvalley Megamall are a safe retreat for laidback shopping and if you are looking for something extremely ‘affordable,’ you can’t go wrong with Sungei Wei.

Remarkable diversity

Chinatown looks like something that was cut straight out of mainland China, while Little India is a kaleidoscope of colours from the heart of India’s best streets and mamak stalls that crawl every corner of the city will give you a taste of Malay yummies. This alone comes to show the perfect blend of three cultures that give KL character.

With so much diversity, there comes the multiple holidays – this has to be the only place in the world with so many celebrations. Who wouldn’t love that?

It is easy to escape

If you are fed up with the fast city life, planning a trip to the nearest island has never been easier. Travel agencies like Sedunia will take care of your transportation and accommodation to one of Malaysia’s exotic beaches. All you have to do is show up with your luggage – this is where I proudly wear a ‘I LOVE KL’ tshirt.


Like we said, all that shines is not gold, so here is a list of pitfalls you stumble into:

It gets dirty and loud

I find it extremely sad that a city so beautiful isn’t so clean. Although there are trash cans everywhere, most people find it alright to drop an ice cream wrapper on the sidewalk – this just baffles me!

Sometimes it seems like there is just so much clutter – I know it KL is a developing city and there are bound to be new sky -scrappers everywhere, but it does get a little too much. What is more, if you think that you can sleep in, think again – the contractors will be sure to wake you up with loud drilling at 7am sharp.

Mischievous taxi drivers

I found it very annoying that although the taxis are supposed to run on a meter, it is a never ending battle of negotiations where you are told: ‘I am going to come back here empty, so pay double!’ Seriously?

The next best alternative is to call a taxi and although that can take some time, you will not spend a penny more than you should.

Horrible traffic jams

Kuala Lumpur’s traffic jams have got to be the worst! If you can walk somewhere, burn some calories and start walking, otherwise, use the train.

Who knew rain could be such a spoiler?

I love rain – but unpredictable rain is not something I fancy. One minute you will be enjoying a bounty of sunshine and the next it will be pouring cats and dogs.

You will buy anything and everything

As much as that is hard to believe, you will be swindled into buying anything and everything at Petaling Street, so do not say you were not warned!

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